The our company is staffed with an efficient, reliable, responsible, experienced and professional fleet team. They are led by an excellent management unit and supported by a committed crew of marine safety officers. Among the team are veteran ship captains and highly experienced engineers and maintenance crew who graduated from top nautical colleges. They bring with them many years of seafaring experience.

 The companys vessel management department is manned by professional Captain and Engineers. They oversee the two technical aspects of the fleet, operational readiness and logistics operations. The company uses Fleet Manager System for the day to day management of the fleet. This is an integrated PMS system using maintenance data .

 While always valuing the safety of our crew, the company also pro-actively seeks to minimize damage to the environment, especially to the marine environment. Its operation motto is:Stay safe, Health conscious, Protect the environment & Provide excellent service.

 To achieve this, it commits to providing adequate resources and shore support, all of which are delivered under strict supervision. The crew is regularly updated in developments in safety and environment protection. Their training, together with the fleets increased capabilities, ensure they can journey more safely and on a cleaner sea.

International Safety Management Certification